Most Organizations Have Mission Statements to Empower and Develop Women Leaders. The Reality, Women Are Still Missing From the Executive Suite. Maybe the mission didn't turn into action because...

  • Good Intentions Don't Accomplish Much!

    Career Management tools aren't offered early enough for emerging and high-potential women. Key leaders aren't held accountable to make sure women are given the leadership opportunity you've earned. The mission statement doesn't translate to action.

  • You Are Invisible On "Day 1"

    Women have checked all the boxes - we're educated, we've asked for promotions, and negotiating salaries but, when women are promoted we aren't positioned to advance into executive leadership, and we aren't offered the support to help us get to the top.

  • Your Strategic Champions Are MIA!

    Women need mentors, sponsors, and champions to push us beyond our comfort zone. The reality, you are too busy being tactically strong. Most women give no thought to being an executive until someone tells them they have what it takes to be in the C-Suite.

Our Mission: Helping You Build Your Ladder

"My Story...Is Your Story..."

A Life-Changing Career Lesson From Our Founder

"I'm Margaret Spence - if you're ready to build your career intentionally, I can help.  Twenty-one years ago I made the decision to control my career destiny, I understand your journey, I've walked in your shoes, and I'm here to help you radically rethink your vision and empower you to build the career you deserve." 

Why The Ten-X Leadership Academy is Vital?

The Academy Was Founded to Empower - Your Power. We Are the Guidepost and Catalyst to Help You Scale Your Career to New Heights.

As an Emerging or High-Potential Woman Leader, your number one priority is advancing your career. You work on your career as much as you work in your career and you are willing to invest in your career growth. You are willing to do the hard work to propel yourself forward and into executive leadership. You recognize that you cannot do it alone, you require a tribe of people to support your exponential growth.

The Ten-X Leadership Academy is here to support women leaders. We help you define your value, align your priorities, strategically evaluate every career move while stepping into your power - Are You Ready to Join Us?

  • Step 1

    Select A Program That's Right For You. Our Leadership Circle or Masterclasses or High-Level Mastermind Programs. Still not sure what's right for you, just give us a call.

  • Step 2

    Log-in start your program and join one of our weekly live phone calls. Even if you elect to study on your own - We have live programs you can join as a Ten-X Academy member.

  • Step 3

    Join the Community associated with your program. We have course-specific groups on Facebook - which will be cross-posted in your Dashboard

Five Pivotal Questions to Transform Your Vision

A Sample of Our Career Introspection Framework

  • What Connects Your Value, Passion, Purpose, and Vision?

  • What Do You Care About That's Greater Than You?

  • What Goal Do You Have That Takes Your Breath Away Every Time You Think About It?

  • What Are Your Deepest Fear and How Is That Showing Up In Your Career Choices?

The Bolder Question: What do you want and Why don't you have it now?

The career decisions you make today will undoubtedly affect your tomorrow. I want to challenge you to get clear about today, so your tomorrow will be what you truly want. To move the needle you must align your vision with your career goals.

Ready to Set New Goals - Join Now

About Us:

The Ten-X Leadership Academy, a Division of The Employee to CEO Project

The Employee to CEO Project's mission is to disrupt the dismal number of women in C-Level leadership. Margaret Spence is committed to building a pipeline of ready-now women leaders who are strategically placed within organizations, so they are ready to advance when key leadership positions are available.

The Ten-X Leadership Academy is a cohort of women who inspire each other to grow, find fulfillment in their career, learn the skills necessary to advance, and boldly live the life they want. We offer skills-based workshops for aspiring women leaders. Mentorship and mastermind programs to accelerate career growth. Monthly live and virtual networking events, and we offer executive leadership development coaching for senior-level executives who want to pivot from middle management into executive or C-level leadership.

Margaret's Book

Leadership Self-Transformation: 52 Career-Defining Questions Every High-Achieving Woman Must Answer (Download a Preview Copy)

Introspection is the key to building the career you want, maybe what you're asking for isn't what you want and maybe what you want isn't what you're asking for... Download a preview copy of the book - It's Free. (Link opens on our main website)

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Our Commitment, We Will Help You...

Affirm Your Vision, Highlight Your Talent, Build Strategic Plans, Help You Identify Targeted Mentors and Sponsors to Propel You From the Employee Desk into the C-Suite. Let's Raise the Bar and Build Your Career Today.