• Do you have a high workload, putting out fires both at work and at home, stuck in the weeds and unable to move your career forward?

  • Did you get the initial promotion to Manager and now you're stuck in "Middle Management" overlooked for promotions and feel angry and frustrated about your career growth?

  • Are you watching others grow their career, accessing tremendous opportunity, but you don’t know how to start moving yourself forward?

  • Have your managers and mentors focused you in the wrong direction? Have they tunneled you into dead-end, low-impact roles?

  • Have you hit a brick wall and are you ready for exponential growth?

  • Would you like to learn how to co-design your career within your organization? Would you like to learn how to map your career path?

  • This women's leadership development online course will give you a Step-by-Step process to follow, no matter where you are in your career right now, you will end up with a strategic plan to move your career forward.

What Vision Are You Painting?

Imagine that you've achieved all of your goals, you're sitting at the top of the mountain looking out at your accomplishments. You've found your purpose, you've positioned yourself as an expert, you're giving back and paying it forward, and you have stepped into your role as a formidable woman leader. Can you create this vision? If the answer isn't a solid yes....

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We Empower You to Create A New Vision

Turn Career Frustration Into A Strategic Action Plan

Let’s cut right to the point – you must have a Career Plan that spells out your long-term goals. Goal setting is the key to having the career you want. To move from the employee desk into a leadership role requires planning, career development, and strategies. If you don't have a plan how will you know if you've achieved your goal? This course offers is an Uplevel Career Acceleration Plan and provides the support you need to move your career forward. A well-executed Career Acceleration Plan cements your goals and builds your vision. It will move you from “I want to get there” to “I have a strategic plan” that will get you on the career path you want and into the position you desire. What we know for sure, organizations do not provide you with a blueprint or even breadcrumbs to follow up the leadership ladder. It's up to you to manage your career and make strategic moves beyond the desk you occupy today. Let us help you co-design your career within a strategic blueprint.
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THE DEFINITION OF TEN-X: Ten Times Greater Than You Are Right Now!

We help women leaders define their value, align their priorities, strategically evaluate every career move, and become a gamechanger for their organization. As a Ten-X Leader your number one priority is advancing your career. You work on your career as much as you work in your career and you are willing to invest in your career growth. You are willing to do the hard work to propel yourself forward and into executive leadership. You recognize that you cannot do it alone, you require a tribe of people to support your exponential growth. The Ten-X Leadership Academy in a women's leadership training online platform built by women to support women leaders. We are here to support and build your vision - Join us.

A Few Questions to Think About

  • As a powerful woman leader, do you have the courage to control your own destiny?

  • What are you willing to give up to get what you want?

  • What are you willing to risk to achieve your career goals?

  • Are you prepared to raise your hands and lead?

  • Are your dreams large enough, or are you settling for less than you are worth? Do you feel worthy of success? If No, Why not?

Elevate Your Career From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Five Week Cohort Program Starts November 6, 2018

This women's leadership online training course offers student two participation options: You can join us live for each weeks cohort class, or you can study on your own. Participants also get access to our private Facebook Group and you can add group coaching or individual coaching to your registrations.
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Five Part Formula To: Clarify Your Vision - Find Your Power - Build Your Career Blueprint.

A women's leadership training online program designed by women leaders for women who want to find your purpose, drive your career forward, and transform your vision. We help you build a strategic blueprint that answers three pivotal questions: What do you want? What goals do you need to establish? What challenges do you need to tackle to build the career you want?

  • PART 1: What's Driving Your Goals? Defining Actionable Goals and Establishing Accountability.

  • PART 2: What Assumptions Are You Willing to Challenge? Tackling and Confronting Your Inner Roadblocks.

  • PART 3: What Will You Do to Build Resilience and Challenge the Status Quo? Critical Components of Communicating Your Vision with Power.

  • PART 4: What Commitments Are You Willing to Make? Who Are Your Champions? Strategies to Build a Team to Champion Your Vision.

  • PART 5: What's Required to Develop Your Talent? Steps to Building and Deploying Your Career Acceleration Plan


  • HOT-SEAT COACHING SESSIONS - Come Prepared to Join Our Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls. (6 - Calls Per Cohort)

  • WORKSHEET 1: Creating Your Career Goals

  • WORKSHEET 2: Mapping Your Career Path

  • WORKSHEET 3: Co-Designing Your Career Within Your Organization

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If you're ready to redefine your career goals, and build a career you will love, here are your options:

  • $249.00

    $249.00Defining Your Career Goals for Women Leaders

    Course Includes LIve Hot-Seat Coaching for Cohort Participants - One-time Payment for Lifetime Access to all Recorded Weekly Programs + Private Facebook Group
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  • Margaret Spence

    Margaret Spence

    Founder - CEO

    For the last 30 years’ Margaret has inspired organizations to value talent. The central tenets of her work, engaging employees in a shared vision, creating inclusive initiatives, and fostering collaboration across silos. Determined to create a glide path for diversity and inclusion in executive leadership, Margaret launched The Employee to CEO Project, a global initiative aimed at increasing the representation of women, with specific emphasis on minority women, in C-Level leadership roles. Margaret’s journey to the executive suite was nontraditional. She began her career managing workplace injuries and consequently, observed injured employees being discarded from the workforce. From a catapulting question written on a napkin in 1999, her company, C. Douglas & Associates, currently manages human resources oversight functions, workplace injury compliance, and a claims loss portfolio valued at over $95 Million for its multinational client base. Margaret has authored three books. Her latest book, Leadership Self-Transformation: 52 Career Defining Questions Every High-Achieving Women Must Answer, challenges women to clarify their vision, pivot from expert to leader, and build the career they want. Margaret is also a transformational keynote speaker, author, coach, business strategist, and visionary. Her sessions captivate audiences at the SHRM Annual Conference and she is one of SHRM’s Top Annual Conference Speakers on women in leadership and creating inclusive leadership pipelines for women.

Margaret's Impact

Empowering Women Leaders

“I heard you speak at the SHRM Annual Conference and I had to step back and evaluate the goals I set for my career. I realized that I forgot why I do the work I do and what I wanted out of my career. The simple question you asked - What do I want? I couldn't answer but you've given me a reason to figure it out. ”

Denise Denise

“The question you asked was, "Where would you be if you didn't accept the label? My boss told me I wasn't ready for the promotion, I accepted that I wasn't ready, then you asked me what would happen if I didn't accept that - I had never thought about it that way before. Thank you for empowering me to think beyond the label. ”


“If I had a plan I would know what to do next, when my company reorganized I was left out in the cold, you taught me how to refocus on what I want and what I wanted my next chapter to look like. The search for my next job in HR was about me and what I wanted to get out of the role. I showed up differently and I expected more. ”